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Choose either a white button up or sweater to be paired with your favorite jeans! 

     All of my sessions include a casual styled look.  I found that over the years, the majority of women want to be photographed in one of these styles:  a white button up, a sweater (often off the shoulder), and either a t-shirt or tank top with jeans.  When choosing which casual style "formula" you would like to be photographed in consider also selecting the "lingerie" option for the off the shoulder sweater look with bare legs or over the knee socks!  

     Please note, while I do have jeans in a few sizes in my client wardrobe, you will need to bring your own jeans to your session.  Not sure what style of jeans to bring?  Do not hesitate to send me a message for help!  I also have limited options in graphic t-shirts.  I usually suggest sending me photos of which ones you own to make a final decision on how we can style it for your session!

Take a peek at the gallery below to see how casual looks can be styled!  

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