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Create your own MODEL BAG!

What to Bring to Your Photoshoot

When prepping for your portrait session you will need to consider what essential items you will want to bring with you to your session.

We require that you bring several items to your session to wear under our garments. 

Some items may seem unnecessary, but we promise that each item on our list ensures that your session is beautifully created from start to finish.

We encourage you to bring additional items from your closet to bring a bit of personal style to your shoot.  

Consider that dress you wore once, the coats and jackets you may have that could add an extra flair to your styling.  If you aren't sure what to bring from your closet, you can always send us images of what you do have through FACEBOOK and we can help you decide!


  • solid black bra and panty set 

  • solid white bra and panty set

  • solid nude bra and panty set

  • blue jeans (prefer ripped)

  • black closed toed stilletos

     EXTRA ITEMS (optional)

  • Trench coats

  • leather jackets

  • dress blazers

  • dresses (casual and formal)

  • vintage items

  • button down tops

  • white jeans

  • black jeans

  • suits

If you are having trouble looking for the black, white, and nude bra and panty sets that would work well for your session, below are some links to ones we recommend from different websites!


For the past 15 years, we have collected a multitude of glamorous items for our clients to wear during their sessions.  The MSP wardrobe features more than 2000 garments, props, and accessories ranging in sizes 00-24.  

We expand our wardrobe every month which is why it's so important for you to send us a PINTEREST board with images you love. If there is a look you love, let us SHOP for you!


Do not hesitate to share with us how YOU dream of being photographed!  

We LOVE to be INSPIRED by our clients!

Ladies:  we provide 99% of your wardrobe during your session.  You are welcome to bring additional items to be photographed in!  

Gentlemen:  We have limited wardrobe for our gents at this time; however, our team can send you links to buy great items that can be worn not only in the studio, but be fantastic staple pieces to any gents wardrobe!  

You can send us any questions through our FACEBOOK BUSINESS page and we can help guide you through selecting items you may want to bring to your shoot! 

All clients are required to bring essential underpinnings and basic items.  

Essentail underpinnings are REQUIRED in our studio.  Failure to bring the proper necessities will result in a reschedule.

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