In this one-on-one mentoring program, Melody Smith will personally help you develop your skills as a photographer in different areas such as marketing and sales, posing, creativity, editing, and image critique.

Marketing & Sales


1.  A 2 hour Skype call devoted to evaluating your website and current marketing strategy along with a personalized game plan to help raise your sales potential to reach your income goals.

COST:  $500

2.  An intensive and comprehensive study of your studio over a 4 week period to help you redesign, structure, and automate your studio.  Includes templates for emails, portfolio evaluation, and 4 2 hour skype calls.

COST:  $2000



1.  2- 2 hour Skype call to help you find your creative style, how to find and source inspiration, and how to conceptualize a shoot from start to finish.

COST:  $750

2.  An evaluation of your style, sourcing and finding your own unique creative abilities, journaling your ideas, tips and tricks to create a portfolio of work that reflects the images you want to create.  Includes 4 2 hour Skype calls over a 4 week period, evaluating and help with creative concepts from start to finish.

A guided step by step to finding and creating fine art images. (over the course of 6 months)

COST:  $2500

Fine Art Finishing



1:  Submit your raw image and receive a video of your image being retouched in MSP style from start to finish with audio and feedback.  Practice your own retouching and send the image back for tips and tricks on a 2 hour Skype call.

COST:  $750

2.  Personalized and unique approach to YOUR brand of images with one on one editing over the course of 6 weeks.  Select 10 images to be retouched and follow along through Skype and screen share to ask unlimited questions, receive videos of your work being retouched and finally, learn about printing your work and understand various paper choices that may work best for your work. Receive valuable feedback in audio/video and Skype calls.

COST:  $2500


Learn through the course of one year with one on one mentoring from Melody Smith 

Combine all of our mentoring options into a one year mentorship and further your skills and become a master of your craft.


Marketing and Sales (Full)  

Creativity and Fine Art (Full)

Editing and Finishing (Full)

Portfolio Reviews

Image Critique

Brainstorm Sessions

Multiple Skype Calls 

Posing, styling, and sourcing garments

COST:  $7500

This is a one on one mentor program with a max number of 5 students per year.  In this option you will have unlimited access to Melody Smith in all questions and concerns during your growth process.

Installment Plans Available!

Image Critique and Portfolio Review

Receive valuable critique from Melody Smith on your images!  

Single Image Evaluation Includes:

Video/Audio Feedback for your image along with advice on how to correct problem areas

COST:  $150

Portfolio Evaluation Includes:

Submit your top 25-30 images and learn where your strengths and weaknesses are

Includes:  audio/video feedback, an in depth look and conversation about how you can up your game as a photographer, a 2 hour Skype call to ask questions!

COST:  $1200


Payment is due in full 2 weeks prior to scheduled course date.  

Accepted forms of payment:  Visa, MC, Discover

A non refundable/non transferable deposit of 50% is due to secure your spot for each course.

Consultation Hours:  Tues. & Thurs. 10:30a - 2:30p  | Session Times:  M, W, F 10a |     Located at   3 N Sycamore St., Petersburg VA

by appointment only