Are you at a loss for words for building email templates or designing a studio guide?  I want to give you my voice and words that help educate, inform and engage your clients so that you run a smooth, lucrative studio.  




A complete workflow of emails from inquiry to 

product delivery.  

Includes:  20+ customizable emails for portrait studios.

These emails are designed to help you create a timed workflow to keep your clients engaged

and educated.  Emails include links to our private website pages so you can see exactly how we 

educate our clients from inquiry to delivery of 

their final product.  

This is the ULTIMATE studio magazine and client guide!  Complete with over 20 unique spreads along with COMPLETE copy to help you guide your clients to the most perfect session.  

Easy to insert images and change verbiage to suit your studios specific needs.  

This is a game changer in the world of client magazines and guides!


Includes:  40+ unique layouts plus complete copy on our process from start to finish.


Want something a little more tailored and unique?  

We offer design services as well.  Let me and my team create your entire brand.  


Business Cards/Logo/Brochures

Website Design (Wix ONLY)

Marketing Campaign packages

Tag lines

Portfolio Review and Curation



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