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Holiday 2022 Savings

In 2023, MSP will be RETIRING our beloved CONTEMPORARY portrait sessions to make way for an entirely new curated experience.  If you have ever dreamed of existing in beautiful portraits, now is the time to book with massive savings towards a 2023 portrait session.  

"Imagine the woman you want to be and start showing up as her."  -Unknown


Simply send us an inquiry in the links located through out our site and set up your online consultation where we will  chat about how you want to be photographed! Be sure to include Tuesday and Thursday times you are available for a chat! 


During our online text based chat through our facebook business page we will explore ideas for your session, go over all logistics,  look at open dates and schedule your photo shoot.  The session fee is due at the time of booking in order to reserve any date.


MSP houses over 1000 garments and accessories from sizes 00-23 to create a curated collection of looks for every session.  From casual to formal, together we will design up to 5 unique looks for your shoot!  Melody will help guide you through the entire process! 


Each and every client is carefully guided through an empowering photoshoot where you will be directed through a variety of poses and facial expressions.  From classic to creative, your final portraits will showcase your unique beauty and personality in a variety of lighting styles, backdrops, and looks ranging from casual to creative.


Finally, your portraits are ready to view!  Reveal appointments take place through zoom 1-2 weeks after your session.  At this time you can choose to purchase your photos a-la-carte beginning at $269 or in collections starting at $1500.  What you buy is entirely up to you.  You only BUY what you LOVE.  



Our  2022 Holiday session fee ($289 plus tax) includes an online consultation, hair & make up, an artfully directed photo shoot with 5 MSP wardrobe changes.  After your shoot, we will schedule a reveal and ordering appointment at which time you can choose to purchase your images a-la-carte starting at $269/image or in collections starting at $1500.


$389 plus tax 

3 Classic looks 


$289 plus tax 

5 Unique looks 


1 a-la-carte:  $269 & up

6 image Folio:  $1500 & up


1 a-la-carte:  $389 & up

6 image Folio:  $2250 & up

WAIT!!! There's more...

Buy One Get One! 

Pay your session fee and receive a second session to gift to someone you LOVE.  

*limited to one per person

*not redeemable for cash value

*voucher goes towards the session fee only

*voucher expires July 2023

Gift Voucher is sent digitally ready to print and give! 


Q.  What is the difference between your CONTEMPORARY portrait sessions, the BLACK LABEL sessions and your 2023 sessions?  

A.  We have decided to retire our contemporary sessions that we have offered for over a decade to provide a new, more custom designed experience for our clients.  Our current CONTEMPORARY sessions, or as we are calling them for our 2022 holiday season, BLACK LABEL, include 5 wardrobe changes.  In 2023, we will be offering 4 DIFFERENT MSP experiences:  Classic , Curated, Creative, and Couture.  But don't worry, you get to take advantage of our new process and experience at NO additional charge.  Stay tuned to our Facebook Business page over the coming weeks for more details! 

Q.  Do I have to have my session before the end of 2022 to take advantage of the Black Label Holiday Savings?  

A.  No!  You would need to only have your consultation scheduled by November 30.  Your consult can take place anytime before the end of 2022 and your session can be booked any time in 2023.  

Q.  What do I do with the gift voucher for a session fee?

A.  This is a great gift for someone you want to empower.  Gift it for the holidays OR celebrate someone you love's birthday anniversary or milestone.  

Q.  Can I use the gift voucher on myself?

A.  Yes!  You can of course book 2 sessions for yourself, however, we do require that your first session be completely paid in full prior to reserving a second session.  The gift voucher is not valid towards portrait purchases and has no cash value.  

Q.  What age ranges do you photograph?

A.  Melody photographs children 10 and up.

Q.  Can I be photographed with someone I love?

A.  At this time, Melody is only booking individual portrait sessions.  

Q.  Is there any availability before Christmas?

A.  MSP is currently booked for the remainder of 2022.  All new inquiries should expect open dates in March-April.  


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